Danish translation services

Danish translation services in Denmark

COMMAS is a professional translation agency based in Denmark and specialising in English/Danish translation of technical, legal and marketing texts.

We translate to and from Danish and English as well as the other European languages.

We provide Danish translation services for law firms, courts, public authorities and various small and large companies from numerous sectors within the Danish and international business community.

COMMAS is owned and run by Lisbeth Overgaard Lisberg, certified translator, and the agency works closely together with a network of highly skilled freelance translators, each of whom specialises in a given field.

English and Danish translation of commercial, technical and legal texts

We specialise in translation of business texts to and from Danish:

English and Danish translation of texts related to marketing

We translate all text types relating to business marketing abroad, such as homepages, brochures, newsletters, press releases, sales letters, advertisements, etc.

Technical translation

We translate all types of technical text, including user′s manuals, operating instructions, handbooks, safety instructions, product documentation, maintenance manuals, and we deliver technical translations covering a wide range of fields, including wind energy, mechanical engineering, weighing and packing machinery, information technology, etc.

Legal translation

We have extensive experience in translating all types of legal document relating to almost all areas of law, for instance contracts, court judgments, acts of parliament, wills, property deeds, general terms and conditions, certificates, etc.

Certified translations

Some translations must be formally verified by a certified translator for use in court or abroad.

A certified translation is a correct and semantically identical translation of the original document, endorsed, stamped and signed by a translator authorised to certify translations. We provide a certified Danish translation on request, and naturally, other languages if required.

Certified translators in Denmark

Certified (sworn) translators are graduates from the Danish business universities (MA in Applied Languages) who can certify translations with their signature, an official stamp and a declaration.

By choosing COMMAS, you can be certain that every English and Danish translation is produced by specialist translators, thus avoiding the disappointment of inferior translations.

The right translator for the task

In addition to our own strong linguistic qualifications, we have many years of experience in assessing and selecting the best qualified translators.

Every single translator associated with COMMAS specialises in a small number of subject areas. Legal texts are best translated by a certified translator with in-depth legal knowledge.

For website translation, however, the overriding consideration is that the translator is a native speaker of the target language in order to capture the subtlest nuances of the language.

Pricing of English and Danish translation

Our pricing depends on the complexity, format, length and requested delivery time of the text to be translated.

Therefore, we cannot quote standard prices, but we will be delighted to provide you with a non-binding and competitive price for any given translation job.

Contact us now for a non-binding quote for your translation.

Email: lol@commas.dk

Phone: 0045 2639 2750

We only deliver translations to companies; not private persons.

Commercial insurance and membership

As a member of the Danish Association of Certified Translators (Translatørforeningen), we are covered by professional liability insurance.

On-time delivery and professional secrecy

COMMAS delivers your English/Danish translation on time within agreed deadlines.

We observe complete professional secrecy. This ensures that all our clients receive the utmost discretion and confidentiality.

Single point of contact

We always strive to develop a good and lasting working relationship with our clients.

Therefore, as a client of COMMAS, your only contact will be the owner, Lisbeth Overgaard Lisberg.

Due to her solid educational background (MA in Applied Languages, authorisation as certifed  translator of German and the Specialised Language Diploma in English (ED)), Lisbeth has a thorough linguistic understanding, which strengthens her ability to deliver translations of the highest order.

Working in close cooperation with you, she will identify your individual needs and facilitate the entire translation process.

Contact COMMAS

Please contact COMMAS now for further information or a competitive quote for a specific translation.


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Attn.: Lisbeth Overgaard Lisberg

Tel.: 0045 2639 2750

Email: lol@commas.dk

Central Business Register No.: DK27319904

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